Home & Guests is a software solution that you can provide to the gated communities you support. We are not a hardware or supplies vendor, that is your business. We provide the software tools for you to integrate the hardware you have installed for the community as well as providing you the ability to monitor and support the system.

Hardware integration is a cornerstone of the operations of Home & Guests and, without it, it is not a complete solution. We consider the partnership of gate installation companies as a key component in satisfying the needs of the community.

As an authorized installer, we provide you the tools to be successful as well as the ability to select components that you choose and are not dictated by us. We support weigand based readers as well as native network communications from Infinity RFID transponder readers or legacy 3M/Sirit 4100 readers. Printing of passes is supported on TSC and Zebra thermal printers. Activating barrier arms and gates is accomplished using Ethernet activated relays such as those provided by Control by Web. IP camera support is provided to most cameras that implement current versions of the ONVIF specifications. We do not use any proprietary devices that you can not support and acquire through the open market.

Providing timely response in supporting the operation of a gate house is important. Home & Guests provides you with software tools that will allow you to diagnose and test most devices you have installed. Depending on the configuration of the system and the support devices you have installed, you have the ability to test and reboot devices remotely, often times saving you the need to roll a truck with a technician to resolve a minor issue. Saving both you and the community time and money.

Home & Guests is a solution you can offer with confidence to a community, and we are here to back you up.

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