A quick introduction to our company

In 2021 Paul Robinson Associates celebrated 25 years of Internet and Web development. In 2008 our first commercial Web Application was released as an Intranet, local server based application. 2010 provided access to higher speed and more reliable Internet communications so we were able to develop and deploy our first true cloud based application.

Over the past 10 years we have developed technologies for providing cloud based applications that synchronize data with stand alone local servers to provide the flexibility of access to the cloud, as well as both data and functional independence from the Internet. This redundancy allows for mission critical processing to happen irregardless of connectivity status to the Internet.

Paul Robinson Associates has been providing consulting services to gated communities since 2006. Home & Guests was developed in response to a recognition that the current software offerings were either very limited or did not take full advantage of the current state of application and web development.

Home & Guests is offered as a SaaS (Software as a Service) application, which allows for easier management, timely updates and the ability to enhance the service without users needing to install new versions or updates. All users of Home & Guests are always on the latest version of the software including remote gate house servers as they too are updated automatically.

Paul Robinson Associates has a business philosophy of examining and exploring new technologies and only implementing them once they become stable and supportable. We want our clients to be confident that the applications they use will perform as expected and required.