Home & Guests is a modern application suite for admitting visitors into your community. Extensive interviews of community members, community associations and gate house operators guided the development of Home & Guests. When admitting a visitor, gate house operators need information at their fingertips so they can quickly and efficiently process each visitor when they arrive at the gate house. Home & Guests provides this information in a simple and efficient manner. The needs of the residents and the community were examined closely, and incorporated into Home & Guests.

Residents desire and need to control access to their homes. Unlike any other gate operations software, Home & Guests allows the resident to not only select who they want admitted on a permanent or temporary basis, they can also dynamically set the status of their home. Changes of the status affects how visitors will be admitted. Visitors are not admitted when the resident is not home or does not wish to be disturbed.

The community has many visitors who are entering not to visit a specific residence or community facility and Home & Guest tracks these visitors as Community Admits. This is unlike other software applications that will show them as being admitted to a specific address. Typical visitors that fall into this category are the mailman, trash pickup, school buses etc. Sometimes the community will deem it necessary to deny access to a specific individual. This person is added to a Community Deny list which is incorporated into all of the visitor lists of each resident and facility.

Residential services are workers who provide services at specific homes or facilities on a regular and ongoing basis, and may visit multiple properties after being admitted into the community. These workers may also be constrained as to the time of day, day of the week and a holiday schedule to when they may be admitted. Only workers who do not need access to the home but just the property are included into this category, like Gardeners, Pool Services are the most common examples. Properties that include livestock, horses as an example, may have a veterinarian listed. Veterinarians as a group are exempted from any constraints and will always be admitted so they can handle any urgent needs.

Contractors and the admitting of workers for major construction can be a problem. Many times the resident or owner of a property is not available and a visitor request is not in the system. This causes delays at the gate house. Home & Guests allows a community to create a Contractor account that can be used by the contractor to add visitors on behalf of the resident. These visitors can be categorized as contractor employees, sub-contractors, deliveries, and building inspectors. These visitors are constrained by time of day, day of week and holidays in the same way that Residential Service visitors are.

Other Special admits that have been incorporated, include Activity (Party) lists, Realtor Listed properties, Funerals, Deliveries, and Emergency Vehicles.

Many features and functions are included within Home & Guests that a community can elect to use. Automated admittance for resident vehicles, camera snapshots for each visitor admitted, active exit gate monitoring. Applications that can be used from tablets or phones by gate house operators or roving guards to utilize in the admitting of visitors and monitoring of the community are also available.

Community managment and usage of the data necessary to manage the community is accomplished by a complete set of applications, reports and data access tools. Timely communications to residents and owners as well as mailing of required notices for board elections are easily performed using the capabilities of Home & Guests. With cloud based applications, no matter the circumstances, secure access to your data can be made from your offices or remotely.

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