Welcome to Home and Guests

Home and Guests provides you and your community fast and easy ways to screen and admit visitors. Using a simple to access web based interface community adminstrators, entrance gate attendants and of course residents and owners can control who enters the community.

Integration with RFID readers, for unattended access of residents and owner vehicles, as well as automated barrier arms or gates allows for efficient and fast admittance to residents and owners in to the community.

Gate attendants can easily and efficiently process visitors through Home and Guests. All types of visitors are fully identifed and logged including not only visitors to residents and owners but also those that are visiting the community such as the mail man, utility company workers, and maintenance staff.

Control Who Visits Your Home

Typically residents and owners need to categorize their visitors as Permanent, Temporary or Deny for the gate attendants, Home and Guests provides you the ability to use additional categories to speed up the admittance process and also provide for single entry visitors, such as deliveries that should be admitted only once. Home and Guests also provides you the ability to set when visitors are allowed access. Nobody wants people wandering around their home when they are not there. Using the simple and efficient web interface you can communicate your wishes to the gate attendants without spending time on the phone. With Home and Guests you have more control over who and when visitors may be admitted.

Your Family Comes First

Home and Guests was designed with the needs of the Residents of the community first. Ensuring that you have full control of not only your visitors but also who in your household can add visitors.

You control who your children can admit, and also when you are away on vacation who can act on your behalf. Home and Guests has been designed to be flexible, fast and efficient. You can trust that when your community uses Home and Guests you control your privacy, and you control who and when your visitors are admitted.

Further Information

Home and Guests is only available from qualified gate installers. For more information about how your community can benefit from the use of Home and Guests contact your gate installation and maintenance company. For a referral to a qualified gate installation company or for more information please click the contact us button below.