Home & Guests Gated Community Visitor Access and Much More

Automated access to residents and owners, notifications of visitors admitted, internet access to add visitors as well as community management are but a small part of the capabilities Home & Guests provides.

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Gated Community Visitor Managment Software from Home and Guests

Home and Guests is a cloud based visitor access software solution for gated communities that has been designed to meet the needs of residents and owners as well as the community managers. Residents and owners need to be able to maintain their personal lists of visitors, Community managers have additional needs to manage visitors entering to provide services to the community as well as being able to manage all the information relating to the individual properties. Gated access control is an integration of not only software but the hardware at the gate house. Controlling barrier arms, gates and automation devices such as RFID transponder readers. Gate installation companies are as much a part of the successful use of any visitor management system and Home and Guests has been designed so that an authorized installer can monitor and proactively address any issues or service needs.

We want you to understand how Home and Guests visitor management software fulfills the needs of the different members of a gated community. Learn more by reading how Home and Guests was designed for you.

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